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When it comes to helping a man in distress, cfnm chicks are all for it. They don’t like the idea of leaving someone in distress. When two hot blondes see a naked man with his hands tied behind his back, they rush to his side. They get him untied and made sure his circulation was working. As these cfnm chicks checked him over, they couldn’t help but play with his dick. They gave him a handjob just to make sure his ordeal didn’t effect his circulation and his ability to cum. After checking, they found he could cum with help.

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When cfnm chicks operate a massage parlor, they are able to surprise and delight their clients. The owners realize they have nothing to do so they go into a room with a fully naked client. They happily pour baby oil all over him, rubbing him and massaging his back. As he turns over, they start the process again. They happily begin to rub, paying special attention to his dick. Each cfnm chick takes turns licking and rubbing him until he is ready to relax completely. They send him into a relaxed state of mind by making him cum really hard.

CFNM Chicks Check out the Plumber

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A man hard at work is a man that is irresistible to cfnm chicks. The maintenance man has come to fix the leaky sink in the apartment of one cfnm chick and she calls her best friends over. She tells them all about him and rushes them over. As soon as these three ladies get together, they offer to help him. They slowly strip his pants off and begin to check his plumbing. As his dick gets hard, they take turns giving him the best handjob possible. When he cums, they give him the news that his plumbing is fixed.

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No man is safe when a group of cfnm chicks are hungry. Not even the ones that are working. A group of women are out at a pool, eyeing a hot lifeguard. Rather than let him get away, a cfnm chick pretends to be injured. As soon as he rescues their friend, the grateful women thank him the only way they knew how. They help him undress and start to rub and play with his delicious dick. As soon as she can, the injured lady thanks him with a blowjob while her girlfriends add their eager handjobs to his pleasure.